Dr. Anita Rathee is a skilled general and cosmetic dentist who provides professional and compassionate dentistry to patients in and around West Hills, California. Considered one of the best in her field, Dr. Rathee’s services include routine exams and cleanings, gum disease treatments, composite fillings, dental implant placement, and orthodontic treatment using the Invisalign® system. Dr. Rathee also offers patients a wide array of holistic dentistry options, including safe mercury filling replacement and minimally invasive dentistry.

With more than 20 years serving patients in the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Rathee takes great pride in establishing communication with each of her patients so they can understand every phase of their treatment. She makes sure patients feel comfortable asking questions and discussing concerns.

Although her education and training is as a scientist and dentist, Dr. Rathee has always been interested in alternative medicine. She is an avid reader of nutrition, health, and wellness and loves researching alternative modalities to help improve not just health, but quality of life. Through her passion for finding ways to improve care for her patients she has incorporated minimally invasive dentistry, such as the Pinhole Surgery for gum recession and Biomimetic dentistry, into her practice. Dr. Rathee is among the few hundred dentists in the entire country trained and certified in biomimetic dentistry. By providing her patients with access to biomimetic dentistry, she is able to help patients’ teeth remain strong and avoid up to 90% of crowns and root canal treatment.

Dr. Rathee graduated from Dalhousie University School of Dentistry in Halifax, Canada, an American Dental Association accredited university. Dr. Rathee completed a General Practice Residency at Vancouver General Hospital at the University of British Columbia, a post graduate training which few dentists pursue..In addition, Dr. Rathee earned her Master’s degree in Public Health Policy and Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is committed to providing the best care to her patients and regularly participates in post-graduate learning opportunities to expand her understanding and knowledge of new and emerging treatment techniques. Dr. Rathee is pursuing a fellowship and Mastership on the Academy of General Dentistry. This extensive post-graduate study sets her apart from other doctors who complete only minimum state requirements for continuing education.

Dr. Rathee consistently maintains active memberships in several professional organizations and was elected President of the San Fernando Valley Dental Society in 2016. She has also served as President of the California Academy of General Dentistry and Editor of the San Fernando Valley Dental Society, and was elected the 2016 President of the San Fernando Valley Dental Society.

Anita Rathee, D.D.S., M.P.H.
Immediate Past President, San Fernando Valley Dental Society
Immediate Past President, SFVDS Foundation
Chair, Academy of General Dentistry Policy Review Committee
Division Coordinator, AGD Public and Professional Relations
Past President, California Academy of General Dentistry

Awards and Recognitions
2016 – President, San Fernando Valley Dental Society
2016, 2015, 2014 – Los Angeles Magazine’s Southern California’s Top Dentists
2015, 2014, 2013 – America’s Best Dentist, National Consumer Advisory Council
2012 – Spirit of Leadership Award, California Academy of General Dentistry
2011 – TopDoc of Los Angeles
2006 – President, California Academy of General Dentistry