Diana Chalumyan, R.D.H.

I was born and raised in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. My family and I migrated from Armenia to USA for better opportunities in 1997 on my birthday, when I turned seventeen years old. Upon arrival to Boston, within few days I became Watertown High School junior and started my education, including learning English. I grew up in Massachusetts, learned the new language and culture. While living in MA with my family, I earned dental hygiene degree in 2003 from Mt. Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts. After graduating from dental hygiene school, and worked for several years in the Greater Boston Area, I continued to pursue my intellectual interests and completed my Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2010.

After living in MA for ten years, my family decided to move to sunny California in order to be closer to our extended family and be in a warmer weather. I greatly appreciate sunny weather, and I always think how lucky I am to live in this great country that gave my family and I so much. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, going to the beach, taking long walks, watching movies, cooking and baking. I am also committed for my community well-being, and I volunteer dental hygiene services to underprivileged and underserved communities through local health festivals.

Ultimately, I love my career! I am committed keeping up with the advances in the field for dentistry through continuing education courses. I absolutely adore all my patients, and I am dedicated for their health. I am truly devoted to providing the best quality of work for all my individual patients’ needs, which is quite evident through my nurturing and caring chair side manners.