What Should I Do if My Implant Becomes Damaged?
Although implants are extremely durable, they can become damaged just like a natural tooth. If your implant becomes cracked, broken or loose, Dr. Rathee offers complete implant restoration services to help repair them. We can help with replacing the crown portion as well as the post if needed.

What are Dental Implant Restorations?
Implant restorations use special techniques designed to address damage to either the crown portion of a dental implant, the titanium post, or both parts. Restorations are performed to restore the integrity, function and appearance of the dental implant so it continues to perform normally and its look is preserved.

How Are Dental Implant Restorations Performed?
The techniques used in implant restoration depend on the type of damage sustained by the prosthetic tooth and/or the post. Some restorations can be performed while the implant remains in place, while others may require the tooth portion to be removed and a new crown to be attached. Other issues may require bone grafting to strengthen the jawbone or other procedures to restore or replace the post.

What Causes Damage to Dental Implants?
Dental implants are supposed to last a lifetime with proper care and dental hygiene. They are known for extreme durability and advances in both the materials and the implant techniques have made damage a very rare occurrence. However, some patients who have implants believe that because the tooth and the metal “root” portion are artificial, they are impervious to issues like gum disease that affect natural teeth. Bacteria that cover the tooth surface and cause gums to recede or to become inflamed cause gum disease, also called gingivitis. Gum disease eventually causes infection in the tissues that surround the implant post, resulting in the post becoming loose or even causing the bone around the implant to wear away. As a result, untreated gum disease is a common cause of implant damage. Implants can also become damaged when teeth are used as tools to pry open objects or when chewing hard foods like ice or hard candy causes the tooth portion to crack or break. Trauma can from accidents or contact sports also cause implants to become damaged.