What are Dental Implants?
The term dental implant refers to the strong post, which is used to support an artificial tooth or crown. In recent years, implants have emerged as a very popular alternative to replace missing teeth because they are designed to feel and function just like a natural tooth. Implants can also be used to anchor dentures to help avoid slippage and ensure the most secure fit. The implants are designed to last as long as a natural tooth and can be applied in about three visits.

What is the Post Made of?
Implant posts are made of titanium, a very strong and biocompatible metal, which has been used for many years in dental and surgical applications, including artificial joint replacements. Titanium is highly biocompatible, which means it fuses well with natural bone. The post is designed to replace the root of a tooth and is not visible after a crown is placed and the procedure has been completed.

What Does the Implant Procedure Entail?
In most cases, patients will be able to complete the implant procedure in three appointments. During the first office visit, the post will be placed under the gums in the bone. Several months will pass before the second visit, during which time the post will naturally fuse with the bone to form a secure attachment. At the next visit, a piece called an abutment will be attached to the post. The abutment serves as an attachment between the post and the crown. An impression will also be made during this appointment and sent to the lab where the crown will be made. At the third appointment, the crown will be attached to the post via the abutment and gently fitted so it looks and feels great. The end result is a natural-looking, comfortable replacement for a missing tooth.